About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Velocitas Athletic Performance provide specialist athletic consultation and coaching services to children, athletes, schools and sports clubs. We specialise in strength and conditioning alongside specialist sprint work where consultation and coaching is applied in both general and sport specific environments. The company is based in Perth, Scotland which is a central gateway to the many other cities and areas in Scotland.


Our vision is one of offering maximum opportunity to children, athletes, schools and sports clubs to achieve goals and to maximise sporting potential. With each individual strategy, we focus on long term development, career longevity, injury prevention and the individual goals of the athlete. We also provide an exclusive personal training service. Our personal training is exclusive in that we use athletic based strategies and programmes similar to those which elite athletes use. The only difference is that the personal training programmes are not specialised and the intensity is reduced to your individual fitness level.


Ambition and Aspiration
As a company, our ambition is to maximise the sporting potential of athletes, to identify sporting talent and to work with athletes on talent development programmes to create future success in sport. We also want to make non-athletes who undertake our personal training programmes maximise their potential in terms of general health and wellbeing.