Specialist Sprint Work

Sprint work is all about the skills and abilities needed to achieve high movement velocities. Functional movement speed is a manifestation of an athlete’s strength. Forces are expressed in terms of acceleration, time or rate of application, and velocity. Movement techniques involve skillful application of these forces to specific motor tasks. Sprinting is a series of running strides that repeatedly launch an athlete’s body as a projectile at maximal acceleration or velocity (or both), usually over brief distances and durations.


Whether you’re training for multi-directional speed or pure linear speed. Whether it’s getting to the ball quicker than your opponent or improving your 60m or 400m sprint time, Velocitas Athletic Performance can provide specialist sprint coaching to help you achieve your short or long term goals.


Velocitas Athletic Performance are based in Perth, Scotland and can provide the following services in relation to sprint coaching:

– Start and reaction training programmes

– Acceleration training programmes

– Maximum velocity training programmes

– Speed Endurance training programmes