Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is an integral part of developing athletes for sporting performance. Strength and conditioning bridges the gap between the theory of training and applied training. All sports involve movement, whether it’s running, jumping, throwing, pushing, pulling, reaching, lifting, bending, extending, stopping and starting.  Therefore, strength and conditioning involves a lot more than simply lifting weights, it encompasses the entire development of the athlete and looks at what is needed to improve physical performance.


We focus on areas such as:

– Speed

– Agility

– Endurance

– Strength

– Stability

– Flexibility

– Injury prevention and rehabilitation


At Velocitas Athletic Performance, athlete’s programmes are individually designed for their needs. We work alongside technical sports coaches, sports nutritionists and sports medicine practitioners to develop programmes which allow each athlete to progressively address their needs and achieve their optimal performance from an individual, team and sport perspective.


Strength and conditioning coaching can be provided to athletes from a wide range of sports who are at various stages of their personal development and career. We combine skill instruction with long-term planning and an understanding of human development to ensure athletes perform better, athletes remain injury free and athletes maximise their sporting potential.

Velocitas Athletic Performance are based in Perth, Scotland and can provide strength and conditioning services in the following areas:

– Development of correct fundamental movement skills

– Development of correct specific sport movement skills

– Development of strength and power

– Development of physical conditioning through sport specific conditioning

– Development of Individualised programmes to address athlete specific strengths and weaknesses

– Monitoring of progress and programme adjustments

– Provision of technology to provide performance and progress feedback